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NEWS Impostor v1.2

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Hello everyone,
It is time we update you on the latest changes that we have deployed to the Impostor minigame. Since v1.1, we have fixed various bugs reported by players as well as implemented multiple suggestions. The major change in this version is the amount of optimizations and backend improvements that have been done especially in the past 24 hours.

P.S Go watch Dream's video on Impostor! There is a free key awaiting you.

  • For every 5 levels you will receive a free Global Key
  • Added glow for alien models
  • Added cooldown for starting a meeting once the game starts
  • Added a title in beginning of the game that says how many impostors there are
  • Added delay between the ejection title and whether or not they were impostors
  • Added ability to report a dead body by punching it (item still kept)
  • Added Minebucks Shop
    • You can buy Global & Impostor Keys and the VIP rank without spending any real money on the store!
    • Use /vote to get Minebucks for free (live tonight)
  • Added /party send
  • Added camera systems that can be accessed in Electrical
    • Each camera position is setup outside one of the rooms, you will be able to look around, however, the location is cornered and you will not be able to look into the interiors of the rooms.
    • All cameras in the map will flash red when there are players viewing the camera system
  • Added holograms and particles for each task and sabotage to help newcomers understand the gameplay
  • Door sabotages now have their own cooldown system apart from the other sabotages.
    • You can now lock multiple doors at once.
    • Each door will be locked for 10s instead of 60s
    • Each door will be put on cooldown for 45s after it opens
    • Menu for door sabotage will now have a live countdown and dynamic items
  • All players can now select character colors
  • Added fast-join items for public and private games in hot-bar (impostor lobbies)
  • Added an AFK kick for players who have not moved or typed in chat (during meetings) for a long time.
    • A message will be broadcasted if a player is kicked due to inactivity
  • Added delay to the NPC for joining games.
  • Added titles for successful game joining (Joining Game or Attempting Join)
  • Added confirmation menu for the emergency
  • Changed the ejection for the player who has the most votes instead of majority
  • Fixed laser gun hitting own self model
  • Fixed the calling of meetings during Lights & Speed sabotages
  • Replaced nausea in the physics sabotage with Jump Boost II
  • Door sabotages will no longer give XP or count towards the leaderboard
  • Executing /hub or /lobby while in an Impostor Game will now send...

NEWS October 2020

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The vote leaderboard has now reset - Find vote links at https://mineville.org/vote/

Jms_l- $25 Giftcard
Tylerl48 - $25 Giftcard
wossi1- $25 Giftcard

Congratulations to the top voters! You will be receiving the giftcards in your /mail. /mail read on Fire Skyblock to find the code.

Congratulations to This Month's Staff of The Month Junior @Prim529 and Senior @Aerysional


@ky1en - Kingdom & Water
@Pretxels - Kingdom
@Prim529 - Water


Fire Skyblock Island top:
1st: Cuties - Worth $48,388,719,435 - $100 PayPal
2nd: FireSkyBlock - Worth $45,685,541,131 - $75 Giftcard
3rd: Yeet - Worth $24,524,662,154- $50 Giftcard

Congratulations! Island leaders please PM me on Discord to receive your coupon code. (Pinguino#2202

Water payouts will be given to the top islands on November 19th.

Current island top:
1st: VirtualIllusion - 1,300,550
2nd: Forums - 621,518
3rd: funtown - 543,165

We will see if they retain their spots on the 19th!


Impostor release!

We are very happy to announce that we have released our first Minigame, Impostor! You can now play an adaptation of Among Us in Minecraft without any mods. Make sure you play on 1.14+.

Read more: https://mineville.org/threads/impostor-minigame-1-0-release.4065/

Welcome our new fulltime developer: CullanP!
We are very excited to have him on our team. Cullan is very experienced with performance optimizations, content creation, and bug fixing among many other things. He will be a great addition to our team!

Water Skyblock Payouts - Month 1
VirtualIllusion - Worth 813,678
Forums - Worth 561,906
KrispyKream- Worth 183,384


Total Players: 662,825 (+29,977)
Total Staff: 19 (-2)

Forum Members...

NEWS Impostor v1.1

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Hello everyone,
Ever since we released Impostor, we have been listening to your feedback, adding new features, and fixing reported bugs. We are now ready to release Impostor version 2.0, which comes with quite a few new features, map changes, QOL updates, and optimizations.

  • Added ghost models. If you die you will now see other dead players as ghosts as well as yourself
  • Added dynamic (real-time) map that has room names and an indicator to highlight your position
  • Added nametags above player models containing colors & player name (this is part of our updates aimed at making the game compatible for colorblind players)
  • Meeting called through reporting a dead body will now have separate start title & subtitles saying that a body was found & by who
  • Added immersive sounds for tasks, sabotages, killing, voting, ejections, and emergency meetings
  • Added option to skip vote with Shift + Click
  • Added list of who voted for each color in the end-of-meeting message
  • Added tally for players who skipped voting in the end-of-meeting message
  • Added player colors to TAB
  • Added whether or not player has voted during emergency meetings in TAB
  • Added [Dead] suffix next to dead players in TAB
  • Added HEX color support for TAB & scoreboard - join on 1.16+
  • Added Speed I to crewmates during the lights sabotage
  • Added multi-line messages at start of each task that will tell you how to do the task
  • Hitting the glowing block above each task start point will now send the multi-line help message
  • Added auto-play - you will now be sent to the next most-populos available lobby once your game ends
  • Increased Alien sabotage grace period from 60 seconds to 75 seconds
  • Increased Oxygen sabotage grace period from 60 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Decreased Aliens sabotage amount from 10 to 5 aliens
  • Increased radius for killing & reporting dead bodies from 1.5 blocks to 2.5 blocks
  • Added separate title & subtitle when game ends due to crewmates completing all tasks
  • Added 22 new skins
  • Removed Purple color as it got confused with pink in-game
  • Added player color models emojis to chat & select titles
  • You can now call an emergency meeting or report a dead body even if a Lights or a Speed sabotage is going on. Both sabotages will resume at remaining time once meeting is over
  • Added ability to spectate a room by clicking on its sign inside the vents
Once you are in a 3 block radius of another player, their name tag will appear. It will include their 1) username and 2) their color. You will not be able to see nametags of impostors inside vents even if they are 3 blocks near you. Name tags will also be visible...

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