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Add a plugin to lock items


New member
As the title suggests, add some sort of item lock of items.
It would be really good quality of life plugin for people with fat fingers like me.
I've noticed people in the in-game chat and discord saying they dropped an item accidentally and someone snatched it.
This has happened to me as well where I accidentally dropped some of my good items in the inventory window or just pressing Q accidentally.
This plugin wouldn't hurt anyone and would be greatly appreciated by me (and maybe some others)


Water Sailor
While the suggestion is nice, there is a client that you can use that offers a variety of mods that would allow you to do stuff like this; on top of that it also boosts game performance! I'd recommend checking out Lunar or Badlion client - they're both free clients that offer a large variety of mods for improved gameplay. Hope this helps,

Edit: You could also just rebind Q to a different key that you won't hit on accident in your minecraft settings :)